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WAEC Agric Science Practical 2021 Questions and Answers, Free (100%) Real Agric Science Practical expo Answers for WAEC (May/June) 2021 Agric Science Practical examination. Verified WAEC 2021 Agric Science Practical answers for sure distinction in WAEC result in Agric Science expo runz .The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally..

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Specimen  A – Shears
Specimen B – Secateurs;
Specimen C – Spade
Specimen D – Cutlass

Specimen E – Urea Fertilizer ( labelled)
Specimen F – Wood ash ( labelled)
Specimen G – Poultry manure ( labelled)
Specimen H – Centrosema

Specimen I – Elephant grass
Specimen J – Tropical Kuduza
Specimen K – Guinea grass
Specimen L – Chicken egg
Specimen M – Raw milk

Specimen N – Water (labelled)
Specimen O – Poultry Feathers

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(i) Marketing board
(ii) Producer
(iii) Wholesaler
(iv) Retailer
The process is known as Pasteurization. It involves heating raw milk to a high temperature and then immediately cooling. It should r noted that the heating is just for 15seconds and the temperature is 72°C
(i) Calcium and protein
(ii) Potassium and phosphorus
(iii) Vitamins B2 and B12.
(i) It reduces the production of M in livestocks
(ii) It affect the quantity of M produced
(iii) It makes the animal to become weak
(iv) It also affect the quality of M produced
(v) It affect the nutrient level of M produced


(i)Specimen H: Centrosema pubescens
(ii)Specimen I: Pennisetum purpureum Schumach.
(iii)Specimen J: Pueraria phaseoloides
(i)Specimen H: is propagated by seed
(ii)Specimen I: is propagated vegetatively through stem cuttings
(iii)Specimen J: is propagated by seeds
(i)It is a vigorous twining, trailing and climbing perennial legume.
(ii)It has a deep root-system with tap roots and lateral roots.
(iii)It Leaves are dark green and trifoliate
(iv)Leaflets are ovate, 4 cm long x 3.5 cm broad.
(v)It Flowers are borne in axillary racemes, are bright or pale lilac with violet stripes.
(i)It is used for traditional animal feed,
(ii)It is used for pest management
(iii)It is used for improving soil fertility
(iv)It is used for protecting arid land from soil.


(i) It is liquid
(ii) Rich in Nitrogen
(iii) It decreases cadbium concentration in the soil
(iv) It gives lower shoot dry matter
(v) It can be applied through irrigation system
(vi) It is an inorganic substance
(i) It is solid
(ii) Not rich in Nitrogen
(iii) It does not decrease cadbium concentration in the soil
(iv) It gives higher shoot dry matter
(v) It can not be applied through irrigation system
(vi) It is an organic substance
(i) NPK Fertilizer 15:15:15
(ii) Nitrate
(iii) Ammonia
(i) It can damage plants
(ii) It impedes seed germination
(iii) It is not stable
(iv) It affect seedling growth
(v) It affect early plant growth in the soil
 Specimen A is an enlarged pair of scissors which possesses two long metal blades and two handles which may be wooden, metal, rubber or plastic. The blades are sharpened at one edge and are connected to the pivot by bolt and nut.
(i) It is use for pruning process
(ii) It is used for cutting flowers
(i) It is use for weeding
(ii) It is used for trimming hedges or shrubs
(i) Store in a cool dry place
(ii) Clean or wash after use
(iii) Keep away from rain to prevent rust
(i) Store in a cool dry place
(ii) Always wash and clean after use
(iii) Sharpened the blade properly
(i) Hoes
(ii) Hand Trowel

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