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WAEC Office Practice Questions 2021 and Answers, Free Office Practice Objective, theory Answers for WAEC (May/June) 2021 Office Practice examination. Verified WAEC 2021 Office Practice objective and theory answers for sure distinction in WAEC result in Office Practice expo runz .The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally..

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WAEC Office Practice Questions 2021

WAEC 2021 Office Practice verified questions completed

Today’s WAEC Office Practice OBJ Answers: (2021 Answers)


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WAEC Data Processing Obj Answers  

Office Practice 2021:



WAEC Office Practice Questions 2021 Theory Answers (Expo)




Salary: A salary is the money paid each month by their employer, especially when the are in a profession such as teaching, law or medicine.

Wages: Wages are form of monetary compensation for employees. They are paid according to the amount of time worked by the employee

Time rate: Time rates are use when employees are paid for the amount of time they spend at work

Piece rate: Piece rate gives a payment for each item produced. It is therefore the easiest way for a business to ensure that employees are paid for the amount of work done

Commission: Commission is a service charge assessed by a broker or investment advisor for providing advice or handling purchases or sales of security for a client.

(i) An office procedure reduces then general cost of operation.
(ii) It allows for effective training of new staff
(iii) It enhances performance of old staff
(iv) A good office procedure facilitates better flow of work in the office and between department

Filing means keeping documents in a safe place and being able to find them easily and quickly. The purpose of filing is to locate filed documents easily. They are readily available when needed.

(i) Information to identify the case
(ii) Referral source
(iii) Allegation details

Suitable title: A suitable title has to be provided to each report according to the nature of the content.

Simple: A report shout be reachable by an ordinary layman and in known language

Promptness: A report should be prepared and submitted with short span of time or time stipulated by the request letter

Comparability: Sometimes a report is prepared with some comparative information

Consistency: A report should be prepared for many years from the same type of information and statistical data.

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