Fg Conditional Cash Transfer Programme


Nigeria’s Conditional Cash Transfer program provides targeted cash transfers to the most vulnerable households with the long-term goal of lifting millions out of poverty.

How it is done

A monthly stipend of N5,000 ($13.89) is given to households in poverty-stricken communities along with an additional N5,000 for families designated as priorities or extreme cases. Along with the cash transfers, as part of the program, beneficiaries are supported, mentored, and coached by trained Community Facilitators who visit them weekly to help them take ownership of their lives.

Savings groups are formed with the intention of creating communities to share and grow financial knowledge, provide training for employment and life skills, as well as improve nutrition, hygiene, and sanitary conditions. Part of the requirement is that households with school-age children enroll in school to promote education enrollment and incentivize educational attainment. As of 2018, payment was going to over 297,000 beneficiaries supported by 2,495 Community Facilitators.


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